Happy Holidays!

First off, I want to wish each and every one of you the happiest of holidays and an exciting new year! Thank you to all who've read one of my books, stopped by my website, or caught up with me on Twitter or Facebook. I appreciate every bit of it. 

On to the gifts!

To celebrate all the nice new shiny Kindles (or devices that can use the Kindle App) that will be unwrapped this week, I'm giving readers a chance to stock up on some cheap reads! From Dec. 24 - 28, both my novels (Rough Draft and Regret) and my collection of short stories (The Teachers' Lounge) will be available at a discounted rate. They will be Kindle Countdown deals, meaning they will be available for the purchase price of $0.99 and then increase in price to $1.99 after 48hrs, and then go back up to full purchase price of $2.99 48hrs after that. So the earlier you snag a copy, the better! 

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!