The Scariest Story I've Written

Fear, just like taste in books, is completely subjective. I run over snakes with a lawnmower, yet some people keep them as pets. You get my point?

That said, I've spent the last month or so working on a new short story that I personally have no doubt is the scariest, and most disturbing work I've written. Seriously. There's one scene in particular that gives me chills to think about. When I close my eyes and imagine the events unfolding, I always squirm a bit. 

You might read it and think it's hilarious.. But I doubt it.

Want to give it a shot? 


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"I have no doubt this is the scariest thing I've ever written. I get chills thinking about it." - Michael Robertson Jr. 

Father Martin Buchanan has stared into the face of Evil--twice--and lived to tell about it. But today, inside a luxurious home in an affluent suburban neighborhood, he will face his greatest test.

Deceit. Manipulation. Nightmares of unspeakable horror. The Devil is waiting, and he's brought hell with him.