Kill Game - Now Available!

Hi Guys! I wasn't very productive in 2013 (I got married, so cut me some slack!), but 2014 is going to be different. I'm planning on having lots of new material out in various platforms throughout the year, including more audio versions of my works, and new material all together. So, to kick things off, let me introduce KILL GAME, a 15k-word short that might make your stomach churn a little. See the cover and blurb below. Happy Reading!

When the late-night delivery order came into Frank’s Pizza, Alicia knew she’d be the one stuck with having to deliver it.  She just never thought it might be her last night alive.

Drugged and abducted, Alicia awakens to find herself tied to a wooden chair in a basement, surrounded by corpses, and is suddenly forced into a high-stakes poker game. One where losing comes with the heaviest of penalties.