Buckle Up - TRANSIT is coming July 1, 2014!

Today I'm very excited to announce my newest novel, TRANSIT, which I'll be doing something a little different with... 

TRANSIT is going to be released as a serialized novel. What's that mean? It means that I intentionally wrote the book in four separate chunks. Think of them as episodes, like your favorite TV drama (How awesome was the end of Breaking Bad?). In doing this, I was able to keep the pace ratcheted up, and also leave each episode ending with a "Well now I've got to know what happens next!" moment. At least I hope so.

The first 3 parts are around 50 pages each, with the 4th and final coming in around 100 pages. I'll be releasing the parts individually, but also will be putting out the complete story as one standalone novel. Episode 1 will release one week from today on July 1, 2014, and one episode will follow every Tuesday for the next three weeks. On July 22, the complete, full-length novel will release alongside part 4. So, you have a choice as to how you enjoy TRANSIT. As 4 high-octane episodes, or one uninterrupted novel. Either way, I hope you have a ton of fun!

What's it about? Glad you asked. Check out the blurb below as well as links to pre-order Part 1 from iBooks and Kobo (sorry, Amazon and Barnes & Noble don't let me do pre-orders yet, but of course, all parts will be available on those sellers as well once they are officially released).


When six friends return to the U.S. from a relaxing and fun-filled vacation abroad, they eagerly board the airport shuttle that’s arrived to take them back to their hotel.

But it’s the wrong shuttle.

Tired and grumpy, the group quickly realizes something isn’t right with their ride, or the man driving them. After being locked in as passengers for hours, they are separated and turned into prisoners, quickly finding themselves fighting for their lives, and wondering if they’ll ever see their homes, or each other again.


Pre-Order Part 1 from: iBooks | Kobo  -- Available July 1 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

As always, Thanks for reading!


PS -- Thanks to my bud Jon Miller for the badass cover art on this one. He nailed it. Hit him up at xjonmiller.art@gmail.com