Kindle Unlimited, Here I come!

Last week, Amazon announced its new eBooks subscription program called "Kindle Unlimited" -- a Netflix for books... sort of. 

For the price of $9.99 a month (with a FREE 1-month trial) Unlimited subscribers gain access to an "unlimited" number of eBooks to read each month. This is a much better deal than the 1 book a month check-out program existing Amazon Prime members are used to. 

And there's more! Audiobooks are included too! That's right, if a Kindle Unlimited enrolled book has a qualified audiobook edition available as well, you automatically get both editions available to you, and of course, Whispersync will keep track of your place as you bounce back and forth. 

The Kindle Unlimited Library isn't nearly robust as the entire Kindle store, but Amazon is advertising it to be over 600,000 titles (including the Harry Potter Series, Hunger Games Series, The Lord of the Rings Series, and other popular titles -- like the works of Blake Crouch and Marcus Sakey) -- and if nothing else, it's definitely worth trying the free month trial. If you're an avid reader of ebooks, this is something you definitely want to explore.


 As of today, all my works (excluding my newest release, TRANSIT) are available on Kindle Unlimited. Every novel, short story, and collection are there for the taking. Hey, if you read fast, you can read all my works for FREE during your 1-month trial!

I'm excited to be a part of this new service, and even more excited to see what readers and authors think about it. 

Happy reading!