My 2nd Stay at The Overlook Hotel (Part 2)


If you haven't read it already, and have somehow by the grace of Internet Search Engine or Social Media Gods, stumbled upon this blog post, be sure and go HERE and read my introduction of what exactly this is, and check out PART 1. Or you can just stay here, read on, and put the pieces together yourself. I don't mind. You're probably pretty smart. 

For those who've been along for the ride thus far, welcome back! On to Part 2!





A View of the Overlook

Well, despite Tony's warnings, the Torrance family crammed themselves into their shitty VW Beatle and inched their way up and through the mountains. They stopped briefly at a Scenic Viewpoint and got out -- mostly to let said shitty Beatle rest, and Wendy and Danny get their first view of the Overlook in all its glory. Danny's reaction -- a blank unresponsive face, as if on the verge of fainting -- draws worry from his parents, but he shakes them off. They pile back into the car and head off to finish the small remainder of their journey. Heading straight for the place Danny has been seeing in his visions with Tony. The place he wasn't supposed to go.

Favorite Passage: It was here. It was here. Whatever Redrum was, it was here.  -- Yes, I'm aware this is the 3rd passage in a row I've chosen that has been used to end the chapter. What can I say, King has a knack for ending with gut-punches.



Checking it Out

Well, it's now official. Page 63 of my hardback version and the Torrance family has crossed the threshold and stepped foot INSIDE the Overlook Hotel (cue the ominous music). This entire chapter is devoted to the family meeting Ullman (asshole manager from Chapter 1) and observing the first floor and grounds of the Overlook in all its glory. Seems like a nice place. Jack and Wendy joke and flirt and feel very much in-love by the end of Chapter 9, which makes Danny happy--but only for a bit. He's still very concerned about their situation. He can't help it. I suppose I'd be concerned to if I had my imaginary friend showing me doom and destruction happening in the place I'd just entered.

Favorite Passage: As Danny asked Jack about the game roque:

"Do you play it with a croquet mallet?"

"Like that," Jack agreed, "Only the handle's a little shorter and the head has two sides. One side is hard rubber and the other side is wood."

(Come out, you little shit!)




Hallorann, the Overlook's cook (not chef, mind you) shows the Torrance family the massive kitchen and fallout-shelter-ish stock of food. Kings goes to great lengths here to seemingly name every consumable item in the place, and it reminded me a bit of all the trouble George R.R. Martin always seems to go through to tell us every item on the damn menu at Royal feasts in his books. I didn't mind it as much here as I do there.

But the food's not really the point here. Hollorann knows (can sense) Danny is special, because he himself seems to share the same gift (or at least a subset of the gift). He throws Danny little tests, and uses his own talent to discover Danny's nickname, which Wendy and Jack question, but quickly--too quickly--move on from.

Also, Hallorann seems to already know something bad has the potential to happen to the Torrance family, as he (in what would be considered a pedophile's move in the year we live in) continues to ask Danny if he wants to go to Florida with him instead of spending the winter in the Overlook. I have to wonder, if he truly knew something horrific was going to go down, why not attempt to warn the whole family? Worst case: they laugh and call him crazy and he goes off to Florida to do his fishing knowing he at least tried. Why only try to convince the five-year-old?

Favorite Passage:  She found herself wishing they could get back in the VW and go back to Boulder ... Or anywhere else.


UPDATE - 1/2/16 @ 5:44PM EST 


The Shining

Another of the longer chapters thus far, but pretty to-the-point. Dick Hallorann uses some alone time with Danny to give him (and the reader) a better understanding of his gifts — what he calls “shining.” Danny seems thrilled to find somebody else who experiences the things he does, and uses the opportunity to ask questions. It’s definitely a device King uses to help the reader to understand further what exactly the “shining” is. Hallorann also approaches the subject of the Overlook’s safety. He, too, has had some disturbing visions and sightings in the hotel, but he tries to convince Danny that the things he might see in the Overlook can’t hurt him. Though it’s later determined that Dick isn’t quite sure he believes this. He tells Danny to shout out to him telepathically should he encounter any major trouble, and then the friendly cook heads off, back to Florida.

Favorite Passage: “It seems like all the bad things that ever happened here, there’s little pieces of those things still laying around like fingernail clipping or the boogers that somebody nasty wiped under a chair.”


The Grand Tour

The asshole Ullman takes the Torrance family for one final walk-through of the Overlook before he heads off. Already, Danny’s visions are plaguing him, and if there were ever any doubt that the Overlook was evil, after this chapter there’s none. Blood splatters on the wall, and sinking feelings of despair at seeing the placard for room 217 and just the sight of a coiled firehose. We know bad shit's about to happen to the Torrance family.

Favorite Passage: Great splashes of dried blood, flecked with tiny bits of graying white tissue, clotted the wallpaper. It made Danny feel sick. it was like a crazy picture drawn in blood, a surrealistic etching of a man’s face drawn back in terror and pain, the mouth yawning and half the head pulverized—


UPDATE - 1/4/16 @ 11:08AM EST


The Front Porch

This is it, all that's left to leave is the asshole Ullman. The Torrance family stands on the front porch of the Overlook and bids their goodbyes to the disliked manager, and then they are left alone. And suddenly none of them seem to thrilled with the idea.

Favorite Passage: It gave Jack a curious shrinking feeling, as if his life force had dwindled to a mere spark while the hotel and the grounds had suddenly doubled in size and become sinister, dwarfing them with sullen, inanimate power.


That's all for PART 2. Onto PART 3 - THE WASPS' NEST