Lance Brody can see the dead!

Dear readers,

I'm very excited to be able to announce today the first two installments of a brand new character and series I've been working hard on for the last year. If you're a fan of the supernatural, paranormal, and good ole mysteries with a dash of humor tossed in, you'll definitely want to meet Lance Brody. 

DARK BEGINNINGS is a 100-page prequel novella to the series (Book 0, and can be read before, during, or after Book 1), and is a great exploration of who Lance is and the tragedy that jumpstarts the series.

DARK GAME is the first full length novel of the series (Book 1), and catches us up with Lance during the first step of his new journey, where he arrives in a new town that's got a dark secret nobody wants to recognize.

Both are available now in the Kindle store, and I hope you enjoy. As always, thanks for reading!


Oh, and be on the lookout soon for a chance to enter a special giveaway for all who purchase Dark Game! Only you will have the info needed to enter!