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Harlan Coben Shares His Knowledge

I recently posted The Center for Fiction's Masters Class interview with literary legend Elmore Leonard. It was a goldmine of writing advice, and generally enjoyable for anyone who loves books.

The master of the hook-and-twist, Harlan Coben, is the Center's latest guest speaker, and now he shares his tips for writing, and talks about his process. I've met Harlan in person before and he's a great guy, full of energy and humor. I'm also a HUGE fan of his books. Enjoy 

The Center for Fiction

Elmore Leonard Shares His Wisdom

The Center for Fiction in New York City has started their Writers Masters series. Each month they are holding a seminar/discussion/Q&A with some extremely talented authors. Most recenlty they sat down with literary legend Elmore Leonard. At 86 years old, he's sharp as a tack and pretty damn funny. He goes over his "10 Rules for Writing" -- which is a must for ANYBODY writing fiction. Enjoy.

The Center for Fiction

Next week Harlan Coben is speaking. I can't wait to see that.