Harlan Coben

My Current Top 3 Anticipated Books

One of the joys of being a reader is knowing there's always going to be another book to buy. One of the not so joyful things about being a reader is the torturous wait for your favorite authors' next books to be released. Here are my current TOP 3 most anticipated reads in no particular order.

Harlan Coben Shares His Knowledge

I recently posted The Center for Fiction's Masters Class interview with literary legend Elmore Leonard. It was a goldmine of writing advice, and generally enjoyable for anyone who loves books.

The master of the hook-and-twist, Harlan Coben, is the Center's latest guest speaker, and now he shares his tips for writing, and talks about his process. I've met Harlan in person before and he's a great guy, full of energy and humor. I'm also a HUGE fan of his books. Enjoy 

The Center for Fiction