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New Short Story -- DAY CARE

So while I was working on the newest novel, I got an idea for a short story that wouldn't go away. So I wrote it. Seemed like a good enough idea. I'm glad I did, because not only did I write what I think is one of the most incredibly gross scenes I've ever produced, but my good friend and cover artist, Jason Collins, over at Simple Times Photography, produced one of the creepiest peices of cover-art ever. I mean seriously... look at this thing. I hope you all enjoy!


Jason, a newly single dad, thought he had lucked out when he found the inexpensive home day care for his four-year-old son.

He thought wrong.

First, the women who run the place are grotesquely murdered in front of the children during his son's first day.

Then he gets his son home and quickly realizes that the child is not exactly himself...

...and there's nothing Jason can do about it. 

Nothing but try and stay alive.

Day Care is a horror short story of 9,500 words, approximately 50 pages.

Day Care is now available on Amazon