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New Short - THE PHONE

Well, today is Halloween and the last day of my week-long free book giveaway. So go grab your downloads now if you haven't already!

Also, I'm launching a new short story, THE PHONE.

Fifteen-year-old Emily Anderson finds a hidden phone in the bathroom of her family's new home. There are no buttons for dialing, no cord connecting it to anything. Yet, it rings...

Emily's mother, Marcy Anderson, finds out a horrible fact about the family's seemingly charming new neighbor, and the house he lives in...

...not to mention the Anderson's own home.

Will you answer The Phone?

THE PHONE is on-sale on Amazon NOW for $1.49.

But... Like I said in my Halloween Announcement blog post: For all of you faithful visitors, twitter followers and Facebook Fans, I'm making THE PHONE available as a FREE DOWNLOAD right here on my site -- in this post, in fact.

It won't be available for free forever, so make sure to grab it while you can, and tell your friends!

Below you can find links to download both a PDF version of the story, as well as a .mobi file for you Kindle and Kindle App users. 

The Phone - PDF

The Phone - Kindle

I hope you all enjoy, and thanks to everyone who took part in the book giveaway.

Happy Halloween!