Jackson Takes a Trip - Now available!

This story, Jackson Takes a Trip, is a novella that I originally included in my short story collection, The Teachers’ Lounge, which I published under the pseudonym Dan Dawkins. It was a tie-in collection of horror and suspense stories that accompanied my novel, Regret, also published as Dawkins. If you’re wondering why those two works were published under a pen name, please feel free to check out a blog post I wrote on the subject here:

 That said, Jackson Takes a Trip can stand alone, and I wanted to give other readers, those who might not have followed the antics of Dan Dawkins, a chance to read it for themselves and meet Jackson Hugh. So, I liberated the novella from the confines of the collection and am now publishing it for your hopeful enjoyment.

 Say hello to Jackson…



Jackson, a handsome, wealthy, womanizing murderer, knows he can no longer kill in his own city. He's gotten too lucky as it is, no sense continuing to pee in the same pool. Which is why he looks forward to his business trips oh so much. His rules are very simple, the simplest being: Arrive in town, kill girl, leave town the next day, no questions asked. It's worked marvelously so far. But when Mother Nature surprises Jackson with a freak blizzard, stranding him in the town of his newest victim, suddenly all the rules go out the window.

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Harlan Coben Shares His Knowledge

I recently posted The Center for Fiction's Masters Class interview with literary legend Elmore Leonard. It was a goldmine of writing advice, and generally enjoyable for anyone who loves books.

The master of the hook-and-twist, Harlan Coben, is the Center's latest guest speaker, and now he shares his tips for writing, and talks about his process. I've met Harlan in person before and he's a great guy, full of energy and humor. I'm also a HUGE fan of his books. Enjoy 

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