Dark shore

Lance Brody #3

A forgotten beach town. A shocking number of suicides. And a mysterious group of beautiful young women with the darkest of secrets.

Lance Brody has arrived at Sugar Beach, and within minutes he realizes there’s something terribly wrong. Strangers are saying the oddest things to him, and a sense of sadness seems to linger in the air. He learns of the town’s horrible nickname—Suicide Beach—and meets one of the many girls who spend their days selling cold sodas from coolers on the sidewalks. She doesn’t say much, but in her eyes all Lance can see is fear.

Needing a place to stay, Lance finds a luxurious Bed & Breakfast owned by a woman with her own tragic past, her own terrible loss. And it’s here, after meeting the most unlikely of spirit companions, Lance becomes even more determined to unravel Sugar Beach’s secrets before anybody else can get hurt. But he needs to hurry, because the Reverend and the Surfer are closer than ever. Hot on his trail and ready to make their move. Ready to finish what they started.


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