Dark game

Lance Brody #1

A small town. Three unexplained disappearances. One sinister evil.

Less than twenty-four hours after the horrific events that forced him to flee his hometown, Lance Brody steps off a bus into a whole different nightmare. The small town of Westhaven seems ordinary on the surface, but Lance can feel the evil lurking in the air ... and it knows Lance has arrived.

After meeting two new friends--one of this world, and one of another--Lance learns that young men have been disappearing from Westhaven without a trace. No clues left behind, no answers. Left with no choice but to use his unexplainable gifts--the ones that allow him to see beyond the veil and into the shadows--Lance sets out to restore peace to Westhaven before another boy can vanish ... But the darkness Lance felt the moment he arrived will do everything it can to stop him. No matter the lives lost.

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